WinBCode is the abbreviation for Windows-bar-code and a program, with which one following bar-code-types produce, prints and into the inter-storage space can insert...

Code 2/5 Industrial
Code Codabar
Code 39
Code 93
Code 128
Code EAN 8
Code EAN 13
Code UPC-A
Code Pharmazeutische Zentralnummer (PZN)

Here now a representation and explanation of the program, thought as online-help.

In illustration 1, you see the program directly after the start with "WinBCode.exe" or with "WBCStart.exe."..

Illustration 1

We now goes through the procedure step by step to the preparation, to printing and to the insertion of a bar-code.

Step 1:
Election of the wished bar-code-type.

Illustration 2

As to see in illustration 2, we click on bar-code-options in the menu-strip, then on bar-code-types and clicks on the wished Barcodetyp. Through this process, all connections between the prior Barcodetyp and the data base become direct after the selection, which the article-numbers as well as. the bar-code-text contained, deleted. Therefore, we now must build again the connection.

Step 2:
Construction of a data base and table-connection with the bar-code-text, for example determined article-numbers...

Illustration 3

As to see in illustration 3, the menu-options "disconnect data base" and "Select article numbers"  are deactivated, because through the election of a bar-code-type, a data base neither is still connected article-numbers (bar-code-text) exist. We click "data base on the only active menu-point connects." A dialogue-window appears, with whose help we can load a data base or also a text-table, as to see in illustration 4.

Illustration 4

It becomes Access-Datenbanken (.mdb), and text-tables (, supports. Since we chose as Barcodetyp "Pharmazeutische central-numbers (PZN)" a moment ago, we click doubly on the file "Pzn.mdb", through what following dialogue-window is opened...

Illustration 5

Here, all objects are shown, that exist in the data base, especially tables. Click doubly on the table, that contains your PZN. It doesn't matter in this case, whether we click on pharmaceutical central-numbers or on PZN, both contain the wished PZNs. After the double-click, another dialogue-window opens as to see in illustration 6.

Illustration 6

Here now, the table-columns are shown, that are contained in the table selected by us. We execute a double-click "pharmaceutical central-number" on the entry. On the side it is mentioned that such a PZN consists of 6 decimal usefulness-digits, at which another 7. checksign is attached.
Now, WinBCode knows from where it should take the article-numbers or the bar-code-text to the producing the bar-code. We now click "Select article-numbers" (See illustration 3) on the in the meantime active menu-point and we can continue with the next step.

Schritt 3:
Selection of the bar-code-text, for example from some pharmaceutical central-numbers...

After clicking the said menu-point, a selection-window appears, in which the available PZN appear in the left list. We all can these all at once with a click on">> " into the right list sends, or we mark one single PZN and send her/it/them with" > " into the right list. The numbers, of which a bar-code should be produced, are in this after the selection of the PZN. Furthermore, we can still boast below the two lists, like often from the selected numbers bar

Illustration 7-1

Illustration 7-2

Schritt 4:
After the selection of the numbers, it must still be established, which size the bar-code on the expression as well as. should have in the preview. We click on "bar-code-options" to it in the main-menu, afterwards "bar-code-size...". In the dialogue-window appearing after it - which is lent differently to each Barcodetyp -, one can input different values according to size of the labels in the format-presentation. We don't want to change any value this time and want to click on O.K..

Illustration 8

Schritt 5:
Selection of a format-presentation:

How to see in illustration 9, appears after clicking on "file" in the main-menu and clicking from "co format-presentation connects" a dialogue-window, in which it 4 choices gives. I would not like to do any advertisement for Avery Zweckform labels, I just very frequently use her/it/them and have allowed for me to list three etiquette-types of this company. However, there is the possibility to define own etiquette-presentations and to use each etiquette-paper with it with rectangular labels.

Illustration 9

We choose "self defined the option..." and clicks on "processing...". When first-time starting from WinBCode or after alteration of the printer-configuration, it appears as to see in illustration 10, a window, which shows us, that first finished printer available in the system and the paper-formats supported by them are retrieved. Do available finished printer available in the system, they don't need to be on switched, must her/it however with network-printers or must the Com

Illustration 10

After the retrieval-process (it becomes only the printer-drivers, interrogated not the printers even) appears like in illustration 11 a dialogue-window...

Illustration 11

I think that is clear to each halfway practiced user which function the individual input-fields have.

It still is mentioned that only the formats supported by the currently put in printer are listed in the Drop Down-Liste "paper-quality."

Schritt 6:
Adjust the pressure-edition on a printer...

If your bar-code-print-outs on the paper don't correspond to the measurements of the format-presentation but slipped upward, below, right or left, you can adjust the pressure-edition with this function. Pick "file" the menu-point "printers in the menu adjusts." The dialogue-window shown in illustration 12 appears...

Illustration 12

After you adjust "high-format the buttons" and adjust "cross-format pressed" and the actually measured distances wrote down, the text" appears on the two buttons" (adjust) as sign of the attitudes already performed for this printer. Select further printers from the Drop Down-Liste in order to adjust one after the other all printers. If you removed a printer from the system or added, so that the data all printer available in the operating system he/it

Schritt 7:
Pressures and preview of the bar-code of the labels...

Click on "file" in the menu-strip of WinBCode, then in the Pull Down menu on "pressures." You/they see to see a dialogue-window like in illustration 13...

Illustration 13

Here you can declare the start-label by inputting a valid number into the corresponding field or better, in that you click on the wished start-label. This is meaningful if you used already some labels on the etiquette-bow and must print farther below. Still, you can choose whether you would like to print with etiquette-frameworks whether the text-edition suppresses below the bar-code or, with the bar-code is "code 128" meaningfully this, if the interpretation of the Barcode

Step 8:

Before you perform an expression on paper, you first should click on the function "Preview" in any case in order to see whether the size of the bar-code fits (to it the Checkbox "Mit etiquette-frameworks prints" activates) into the label and whether the format-presentation was input right. You save etiquette-bows, that would be printed otherwise deficiently, through it conceivably.

Illustration 14

Schritt 9:

After you guaranteed with the preview, that the expression will take place correctly, you click on "pressures" in the form shown in illustration 13. The dialogue-box appears to "print." You/they can boast here, for example, which sides (if several existing) should be printed out. If everything O.K. is, you click on "print." The expression on paper would have to if adjustment and preview were correct, your wishes corresponds.

Schritt 10:
Registrierung ...

You/they can try out the program for 30 days. If it promises you, and you would like to use it fully, you must let yourself register. Click on the question mark to it in the main-menu-strip of WinBCode. Choose "registering." The registration-form appears to see in illustration 15 like here...

Illustration 15

Then click on "registration-code orders." In the as a result appearing news, sees illustration 16, my email-address as well as my account-data stand. Transfer me the amount of 10 - Eur and I sends you a license-file at your email-address boasted in the remittance. This is to be copied into the program-table. Don't forget to register also your email-address and your user-name (case sensitive) into the fields intended for it.

Illustration 16

If you now want to download WinBCode, you click on the Link standing under me...

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